Center for Policy Planning and Performance
          Co-founded by its current executive director, Barbara Raye, in 1999, the Center for Policy, Planning, and Performance is a tax-exempt nonprofit organization which provides consulting and management services to progressive nonprofit and governmental organizations. Our team consists of a network of consultants and trainers who together represent a broad range of management and governance expertise and experience in the nonprofit, public, and governmental sectors.
          What We Do
          In a nutshell, the Center provides consulting and training as a way to help nonprofit organizations and governmental agencies make a positive difference in the lives of people and their communities. More specifically we provide capacity building, policy development, strategic planning, process consultation, reflective evaluation, and other like services to our clients. We also run a number of self-administered programs in the areas of social justice, community capacity building, and international development, and restorative justice mediation (among others).
          Who We Serve
          We serve nonprofit and governmental organizations engaged in the areas of social justice, human service, advocacy and nonviolence, citizen engagement, local and national government, education, environmental protection, religion, and other progressive services and missions.
          The Center's overarching interest is social justice which it defines to be a community or society that has no disparity of access, opportunity, or outcome as a result of gender, race, economic status, or other classifications of people who have historically been marginalized or disenfranchised. If you are a change agent or you represent an organization or agency committed to the ethical use of power to improve our families, organizations, and communities, then your mission is the Center's mission.
          The Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization incorporated and based in the state of Minnesota with offices also in Kenya and an affiliate organization in Romania.
          The Benefits We Provide
          In a word, outcomes. Through our services we improve the ability of our clients to fulfill their mission in a way that is measurable and demonstrable. And we are able to do this within the unique political, economic, cultural, and systemic constraints of the nonprofit and government sectors.
          Center Purpose
          The Center's purpose is to empower communities through ethical leadership.
          Center Mission
          To amplify the effectiveness of indigenous change agents to build the capacity of their people, communities, and organizations.
          We seek to produce results that respect and honor the whole individual, use power ethically in relationships that are mutually accountable, and build and sustain violence-free communities. The vision of social justice we strive to achieve is based on and consists in (1) relationships of mutual accountability and respect, (2) homes, workplaces, and communities that are free of violence, and (3) no disparity of access, participation, or outcome based on social classification.
          The Center Team and Board
          The Center is fortunate to have the services of many capable and talented people. Some operate as full time employees while others work part time or serve the Center as contract consultants, strategic partners, or volunteers.
          Barbara Raye - Executive Director, Minneapolis, Minnesota
          Linda Harvey - Program Director, Lexington, Kentucky
          Corneliu Loghin - Program Director, Iasi, Romania
          Evans Mirieri - Program Director, Nairobi, Kenya
          Michelle Mosner - Project Coordinator, Twin Cities, Minnesota
          Doreene Langason - Project Coordinator, Golden Valley, Minnesota
          Jeff Mincey - Project Coordinator, Minneapolis, Minnesota
          Russell Reetz - Consultant and Trainer, Horse Creek, Wisconsin
          Rosemarie Merrigan - Consultant, Trainer, Mediator, Minneapolis, Minnesota
          Terry Donavan - Consultant and Trainer, Twin Cities, Minnesota
          Bernie Saunders - Consultant and Trainer, Twin Cities, Minnesota
          Mary O'Hara - Consultant and Trainer, Tampa, Florida
          Carol Swenson - Consultant and Trainer, St Paul, Minnesota
          Qamar Ibrahim - Consultant and Trainer, Twin Cities, Minnesota
          Tina Sweeten - Consultant and Trainer, Mississippi
          Jim Theurer - Consultant and Trainer, Minneapolis, Minnesota
          Louise Miner - Consultant and Trainer, St Paul, Minnesota
          Ann Roberts - Trainer and Mediator, Portland, Oregon
          Hesbon Simba – Trainer, Twin Cities, Minnesota
          Alfred Sesay – Trainer, Twin Cities, Minnesota
          Pat Clark - Programs and Development, Nyack, New York
          Lacotref Bibbs - Administrative Assistant, Richfield, Minnesota
          Roger Landry – Accountant, Twin Cities, Minnesota
          Sophia Rodrigues - Administration and Accounting, Twin Cities, Minnesota
          Main Office, USA
          Center for Policy, Planning, and Performance, 2233 University Av West • Suite 300, St Paul, Minnesota 55114, USA
          Telephone: 612-874-0535
          Facsimile: 651-644-4227
          Kenya Office:
          Center for Policy, Planning, and Performance, Vision Plaza, Mombassa Road 3rd Floor, Suite 12C, P.O. Box 33936, 00600, Nairobi, Kenya
          Telephone: 254-22-730-655